Trust Issues:- Help! My Husband Doesn’t Trust Me Because Of Distance


I am a girl of 23yrs old and my hubby is 38yrs. We got married in July this year and I was already pregnant then. My hubby did everything so that the wedding will be a success and it was.

 After my wedding, I headed over to school coz I am a final year student and needed to write my degree exam. After the exam, I had to stay back in school in order to complete my project and that was how our problem started. It was one fateful day at night, precisely 12am, I was asleep, my hubby was calling my phone and network was very bad then. 

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The number wasn’t connecting. At last it started ringing and I was fast asleep. You know as I was pregnant, I needed a lot of rest. So I never knew my…phone was ringing, when I woke up, I saw 5 missed calls. I tried calling him back and it wasn’t connecting but later it connected. He asked me where I was that I wasn’t picking his calling, so I told him dat where else will I be by that time of the night if not in my room…sleeping. He now told me that first thing the next morning I should start coming back home …and went ahead to say I should choose between my school and my marriage. I never replied, I allowed him talk and he cut the call. 

He later called the following day saying I am proving stubbornness. He now stopped sending money to me and I really needed money to feed cos I’m pregnant. I reported everything to his elder brother and he said he will talk to him and I was relaxed. I later went home to see him after some days and to my greatest surprise, the first thing that this man did to me was to drag me to the bedroom and make love to me, he thought I was cheating on him, so he decided to check if I was still his size. (it was written all over his face). I felt cheap and disgusted! 

 Please I need your advice on how to react to this situation. 

The End.

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