3. Your new boyfriend isn’t your previous one

Never ever try to compare your current boyfriend with your previous ones. Moreover, you should never discuss your previous relationships with your guy. It’s the easiest way to make him suspicious and jealous about all your male friends, which will surely lead to a breakdown. This rule works both ways. While you should keep silent about your previous guys, try not to ask him about his girlfriends as well. You don’t really need to know the person’s past to get to know him better. While dating him you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see everything with your own eyes.
4. Avoid being too fast

You’ve just started dating, but you’re already imagining your wedding and a happy family with three kids and a dog. Wait for a second, aren’t you too fast? Don’t cherish illusions as for your common future; everything is very uncertain at the beginning of your relationship and you still need a lot of time to explore each other. If you hint that you have some plans as for your future, be sure your relationship won’t go too far. I’ve noticed that most of my successful relationships occurred when I thought I had no chances with the guy. Remember that your relationship should develop its natural way. Your boyfriend shouldn’t tell you ‘I love you’ on the second date.
5. Don’t be the center of attention

When you want to impress your new boyfriend, you can go too far boasting about your personality, interests, hobbies or whatever else. However, you can get too tiresome and boring. Instead, try to talk about his personality. Take an interest in his work, hobbies, family and past. When he’s talking about something, be a careful and active listener. Guys will never tell you that, but they like to be complimented! Compliments will raise his self-esteem and dignity. Say some kind words about his achievements or personal qualities.
6. Don’t gather information

If you have common friends, don’t try to question them about your boyfriend. This is of crucial importance when it comes to his previous girls and relationships. If your guy finds out that (be sure he’ll find out), you will have a great difficulty trying to explain the situation to him. You shouldn’t rely on his social accounts either. What the person pretends to be online and what the person actually is are two totally different things. The best way to understand your partner is communication and spending time together.

7. Don’t be a perfectionist

Many relationships fail simply because you expect too much from the person. Several years ago I composed the list of features I expected from my potential boyfriend. There were nearly fifteen traits of character, if I’m not mistaken. No wonder all my relationships collapsed very soon since I was too high-maintenance and any man could hardly satisfy my needs. However, I’ve realized that I’m not ideal either, so it’s rather dishonest to expect perfection from someone else. Both of you are human beings and it’s natural that you have some shortcomings and imperfections.
A new relationship always gives you a chance to start everything anew. Even though the outcome of your relationship depends on many factors, you can still do a lot to make a good start. Follow the aforementioned tips if you want to start a successful relationship and get married. What are some lessons you’ve learned from your past relationships?


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