5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Have a Sex Tape



Wait! I know catapulted Kim Kardashian to instant stardom, and many celebrities like Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson followed suit.
So, is that why you should you make a sex tape?

The short answer: It depends…* Let’s examine the potential risks.

Sex tapes may have been taboo before these scandals, but they brought instant fame and fortune to these celebrities.

However, there is a flip side: making a sex tape has been known to land people in hot water.

Some of the risks associated with making a sex tape are indisputable:
1. The possibility of internet exposure in a world in which everything is permanent
2. The horror of your kids, coworkers, parents, babysitter or neighbours stumbling across it.
3. The threat of a current lover becoming a vindictive ex and using the tape against you.
4. The professional and social impact of a potential leakage.

5. More likely you’ll end up with regret and possibly an STD.
And so many more…

You likely want to weigh these risks against the potential for pleasure and evaluate the relative costs to both you and your lover.


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