Dance Queen Kaffy and Husband Marks 4th Wedding Anniversary



Dance Queen, Kaffy and her hubby are celebrating four years of marital bliss today. Kaffy got married to Joseph Ameh, the chief guitarist for Nigerian duo P-Square June 2, 2012. They’ve been blessed with two children.
In the spirit of celebration, Kaffy wrote to her husband:

Happy Anniversary babiiii!!!!!!
Wow what a journey it’s been and a lot has gone down
A lot found
A lot lost
A lot given
A lot taken
A lot said
A lot done
A lot learnt
A lot absorbed
A lot discarded
A lot acknowledged
A lot sown
A lot reaped
A lot of ups
A lot of downs
A lot of pain
A lot of healing
A lot of cursing
A lot of blessing
A lot of weakness
A lot of strength
Above it all I thank God that we are here to enjoy A lot More.
I love you @papiijameh

Not to be outdone, he wrote his own romantic message to his wife saying “You guys always blow my mind… I can’t explain how much you mean to me… My life, my world… Happy anniversary babiii @kaffydance you are the best thing that happened to me… I loooovveeee the f***outa you.


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