Effective Sex Education: Heartminders ProjectTaalk in View

As you can imagine and have probably experienced for yourself, child sexual abuse is a difficult subject for most adults to talk about, let alone the children who are its victims. As such we must begin with the basics and break the silence. In doing so, we achieve five key objectives as follows:

  1. We raise awareness to the fact that child sexual abuse happens in every community;
  2. We inspire all adults to learn to protect kids by participating in prevention training;
  3. We teach adults, teens and children “the language of abuse” and open the lines of communication;
  4. We help survivors understand that they are not alone and support their healing journey;
  5. And most importantly, we put offenders on notice that we’re watching and our kids are off limits!


Effective Sex Education

Experts have identified critical characteristics of highly effective sex education and HIV/STI prevention education programs. Such programs:

  1. Offer age- and culturally appropriate sexual health information in a safe environment for participants;
  2. Are developed in cooperation with members of the target community, especially young people;
  3. Assist youth to clarify their individual, family, and community values;
  4. Assist youth to develop skills in communication, refusal, and negotiation;
  5. Provide medically accurate information about both abstinence and also contraception, including condoms;
  6. Have clear goals for preventing HIV, other STIs, and/or teen pregnancy;
  7. Focus on specific health behaviors related to the goals, with clear messages about these behaviors;
  8. Address psychosocial risk and protective factors with activities to change each targeted risk and to promote each protective factor;
  9. Respect community values and respond to community needs;
  10. Rely on participatory teaching methods, implemented by trained educators and using all the activities as designed