Stop Worrying! Its September to Remember

Dear readers,

Welcome to a brand new month? It’s by grace that you and I made it to the start of the ’ember’ months.

It’s September to remember so i chose to talk you about worrying.


Worry — it’s what keeps many lying awake at night and is what annoyingly gnaws away at people as they try to work, enjoy life, and relax. Unrelenting anxiety and fear can be debilitating and drain you of energy — emotional and physical. For many people worrying has become habit and automatic. And like other habits and behaviors, it can be changed. People who worry a lot aren’t able to enjoy themselves. They aren’t able to focus on goals and pleasure. Life for them often feels draining and lacks pleasure. Simply put: they aren’t happy.

So, ask yourself: do I have control over the issue? So many of the things people worry about they have absolutely no control over yet it dominates their thinking. You need to stop!

This September, stop worrying and start living

Happy New month to you all!